Next meeting
Wednesday, March 15th at 7pm. Potluck starts at 6:30pm. Come join the fun!
News Flash!
Great job doing your snow dances! Please help pack down the trails so we can groom!
Trail News
We have snow!! Remember to ride right, and yield to the groomers. Respect all landowners and stay on the trail!
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Snowbirds 2013-2014 Season


2013 Weenie Roast


2012 Rockwood Trip


2010 Eagle Lake Trip


2010 Club Ride & Weenie Roast 1/24/10


2009 Lisbon Club Ride


2009 Spaghetti Feed


2009 Shin Pond Trip


2009 Dow Pines Trip


2008 Shin Pond Trip


2008 West Branch Club Ride & Weenie Roast 1/6/08


2007 Rockwood Trip


2004 Club Trip


2003 Shin Pond Trip


2003 Club Ride


2002 Eagle Lake Trip